Tips For Getting Married Without Breaking The Bank

Weddings are often the most expensive functions that people experience in their lifetimes and they often end up spending almost everything that they have and sometimes even getting in to debt to have the perfect wedding party to show other people just how much money they have. However, there is no point spending everything that you own on just one day of your life and although you can still have a wonderful, amazing wedding, spending everything you have is a very bad idea. Keep in mind that although your wedding and married life might seem like a fairy-tale, married life is not always a bed of roses. You will still have to work very hard, the same way that you have been working thus far and you will still have many financial troubles, the only difference being that you can now share those troubles and those burdens with your partner. As such, having money in the bank is always a good thing.

Do it yourself

One of the keys to having a lovely wedding without spending a lot of money is to try and do as much of the wedding work yourself instead of hiring someone else to do it for you. You will find that hairdressers will charge massive amounts of money for wedding hair and make up when you can actually do something simple on your hair and do your own make up without having to spend any money at all. If you are not great at hair and make up, you can even choose to get it done professionally but without mentioning that it is your wedding. You will see that getting your hair done professionally will not cost much at all if you simply omit the information about the wedding. Make sure that you go to the salon in casual clothes and that you leave in casual clothes so that no one will know that it is your wedding day because if the slightly suspect, they may give you the bride’s price which is very expensive.

For things like decorations, choose to be creative and make your own. There is no point spending massive amounts of money on this because no one is really going to look at the decorations and spend time wondering how much you spent on them because your guests will be present to be with you on your big day and also for the food. You are better off spending your money on having great food than on decorations.