Tips On How To Look Fresh And Well-groomed When Attending An Event:

Have you ever experienced being chosen to be part of your cousins’ wedding entourage as their maid of honor or bridesmaid?

Have you been invited to attend an important family gathering where a lot of your long lost relatives would be present at the event? Have you ever felt the pressure to look good and and fresh in the eyes of other people? If the answer to all of this questions is a YES, that is okay, and it’s perfectly normal for any girl to fret and panic about not being ready for a major happening. It’s not that we want to please other people but in reality we really want to look good and feel pretty when attending parties and special events. What if you only have a limited time to prepare, let’s say two weeks tops? How do you think we should prepare for such events? Below are some brilliant ideas that really work wonders. 157

Take care of your skin and overall well being by doing the following things:

-Drink a lot water in order for your skin to stay hydrated and healthy looking. 8 to 10 glasses a day will do the job plus an extra dose of vitamin C and E. Also use a body lotion with high SPF so your skin won’t look dry and dull during the event.

-Pay a visit to your resident dermatologist for a series of facial treatments such as blackheads and whiteheads removal. If you have visible fine lines you can also undergo laser deals Prahran even for a just a few sessions only in order for you to achieve a fresh and glowing skin.

-Moisturize and make sure that you wear sunscreen, brimmed hats and shades wherever you go. You don’t want to attend an event with a sunburned face and an uneven skin tone.

-If you will be wearing a gown or a short dress during the event you better undergo permanent laser hair removal treatment to get rid of unwanted hairs especially in the armpit and your legs. Don’t worry about paying a little bit extra because the procedure is definitely worth the price and the good thing is that its permanent.

-Get your much needed beauty rest by getting quality sleep each night. Apply some night cream or put some cucumber in your eyes to lessen its puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles as well. -Don’t forget to get your nails groomed. Schedule an appointment with your nail technician at least one day before the event for a manicure and pedicure.